Mobile generation indeed

27 May

YEARS back, making and receiving calls were only    limited. Though wireless handsets were already present,  the range was just within a few meters. We had no other option then if we wanted to make any emergency calls but to get down somewhere to initiate our call.

All of those were changed when mobile phones arrived. A huge revolution in the communication world was brought by this. Phone calls can now be available from anywhere unless there’s signal in your locality.

Today, the use of mobile phones is not just simply for making and receiving communications. It’s now a REQUISITE in our life.

One SHOULD have at least a unit to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues no matter how far they are. Thus, wherever they are, all you have to do is be with your mobile to stay connected with them.

Today, not just professionals own a unit. People from different walks of life have availed one. Even children also have. Some made it a collection. These devices have really brought a vital role in our lives. Even some say their day wouldn’t be complete without their mobile unit with them.

With the mobile phones gaining popularity to people, the competition level of different mobile companies also boosts, which also increased the number of options for the users.

Many of those companies are continuously coming up and gearing up for diverse attractive mobile phone units with free gifts. Some of them offer freebies and even a buy-one-take-one offer to attract customers/buyers. Undeniably, those fantastic offers really attract us – buyers.

Aside from those various eye-popping gifts, mobile companies also offer units with highly-advanced features that also magnetize buyers and introduce various applications making mobile phone more than just a communication unit.

Today, latest mobile phones are embedded with facilities such as Internet, games, music player, Bluetooth, radio, camera, video, voice and sound recorder, and so on.

The trend continues even today and new models are launched on a regular basis. But no matter what service or feature the unit has, it still depends on the user’s choice based on needs and requirements considering the POCKET.

Sun.Star Online launches mobile site

13 Mar

CEBU CITY — Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex), the office that runs the Sun.Star website, is now gearing up for the launching of Sun.Star Mobile Site, a project that was created to improve information access from anywhere.

Sun.Star Mobile is a mobile telephone news and information service that covers key areas of the Philippines, including Manila, Baguio, Pangasinan, and Pampanga in Luzon; Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo in Visayas; and Davao, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga in Mindanao.

The mobile site offers readers of Sun.Star newspapers and visitors of the newest way to access news. It operates on all WAP-enabled mobile and handheld devices at any operator (Smart, Globe, Sun) and can be accessed at the Sun.Star website in all phone browsers.

Developed and produced by award-winning news website through Sunnex, the mobile site serves its customers the same features the Sun.Star website offers.

Key elements of the site include:

Network Headline – Top story of the day of the Sun.Star network of community newspapers in the Philippines

Network Stories – Other top or pooled stories of the day of the Sun.Star network of community newspapers

Country News – Listing of top story of the day of each of the members of the Sun.Star network of community newspapers

The Sun.Star Mobile Site also features:

Search Engine — Allows visitors to search the site by location or by relevance to the keyword.

Past Issues — Provides link to past issues of the network page and affiliate homepages.

Photos and videos available on the Sun.Star website at are also available in the mobile site.

Sunnex updates its mobile site service 24 hours a day, seven days a week as it updates the Sun.Star website.

The Sun.Star Mobile service is independent of mobile phone manufacturer, gateway server manufacturer or network provider.


About Sunnex and Sun.Star:

(Tashuana Alemania/Sunnex)

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